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We indeed appreciate your quest to learn about the Collateral Registry Ghana. As the first Collateral Registry on the African continent, we pride ourselves as an institution with the requisite legal and institutional framework to facilitate registration of notices of security interest and searching for information on prior registered security interests. In addition to equipping our guests with relevant materials on modern secured transactions, users can log in with the requisite login credentials to gain access to the Collateral Registry System (CRS) and patronize the services offered by the Registry. The Collateral Registry will combine professionalism, responsiveness and leadership in delivering effective and efficient services to its stakeholders through capacity building efforts, research and development, sensitization and awareness creation, and continual information technology upgrade. The establishment of the Collateral Registry by the Bank of Ghana, as mandated by the Borrowers and Lenders Act 2008 [ACT 773] is indeed a welcomed inroad in credit delivery in Ghana

Our Services

Registration of Charges

The collateral registry provides a user-friendly online plaform for registration of charges


We facilitate searching for information on prior registered security interests using our easy-to-use online platform


We facilitate realisation of assets upon default by a borrower

Post Registration

Our online platform supports a wide range of post-registration activities which enable charges to be up-to-date.

About the Registry
In pursuant of its function to regulate, supervise and direct banking and credit system and ensure the smooth operation of the financial sector, the Bank of Ghana under the statutory mandate of the Borrowers and Lenders Act 2008 (Act 773) operationalize the establishment of the Collateral Registry Ghana on February 1, 2010 to register charges and collaterals created by borrowers to secure credit facilities provided by lenders.
Salient pointers of Act 773

Registration of a charge or collateral at the Collateral Registry is mandatory and should be done within twenty-eight (28) days after the date of the creation of the collateral or charge.

A lender shall not conclude a credit agreement with a prospective borrower unless the lender provides the prospective borrower with a pre-agreement statement and quotation. (see useful resources for template)